How we saved Harbour Bridge R260k P/A in Energy Costs using our Power Management Services

Power Management Services is a solution our Inpower experts routinely use to save bodies corporate (BCs), property owners associations (POAs), and homeowners associations (HOAs) money. 

With every building, estate, or complex being a unique case – there’s no easy fix-all for high energy bills. That’s why we want to share this incredible case study where we helped the Harbour Bridge Hotel in Cape Town lower its power bill by R260k per year.

Harbour Bridge Hotel Problem

Harbour Bridge Hotel is a premier luxury hotel at the Waterfront just 3 minutes away from the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Comprising over 50 units, and secure underground parking, the building is not so different from many other hotels, or office spaces in terms of energy consumption. 

When the body corporate was billed for 22 550kw hours per month for common areas it raised concerns and a clear need for energy optimisation presented itself.

power management services

Inpower Expert Assessment

The Inpower experts assessed the site and conducted evaluations of the various energy-consuming equipment in the building for energy optimisation. 

Inpower quickly identified the source of inefficiency: the subterranean parking ventilation system. The system uses large fans to extract and replenish fresh air. With vehicles operating in the enclosed space, the ventilation system removes poisonous carbon monoxide gas from the air to ensure the building is safe. 

However, the fans were being controlled by timers creating a gross inefficiency. This is roughly analogous to leaving a light on when no one is home.

Our Turnkey Power Management Services Solution

Inpower experts were able to implement a turnkey solution which optimised the energy consumption rates of the subterranean ventilation system. The clever solution was developed to reduce the overall fan operation time while maintaining a high standard of air quality. 

Energy optimisation takes many forms and using custom fan curves can turn dummy fans into smart ventilation systems

Energy Optimisation Results

Thanks to the ingenious solution developed and implemented by the Inpower team, the Body Corporate’s energy consumption per month decreased from 22 550kw hours to 13 000 kW hours for common areas. 

The bottom line? A total saving of roughly R21 000.00 per month, adding up to about a quarter of a million Rand per year. We mean it when we say that for every energy problem, there’s an Inpower solution.

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