How we saved a BC R20k per month with our Tariff Management Services

Tariff management is a solution our Inpower experts routinely use to save bodies corporate (BCs), property owners associations (POAs), and homeowners associations (HOAs) money. 

With every building, estate, or complex being a unique case – there’s no easy fix-all for high energy bills. That’s why we want to share this incredible case study where we helped Rochester Village in Cape Town lower their power bill by R20k per month.

Tariff Management Case Study

The Rochester Village Problem

Rochester Village is an apartment and housing development in the Claremont area, 5 minutes from Cavendish Mall.
Inpower was approached in the developing phase to provide prepaid meters for all the units and to register these meters on our own vending platform in order that tokens could be bought by the residents.

However, the City of Cape Town’s electricity account was in arrears which got the InPower team to investigate the tariff being used.

Inpower Expert Assessment

The Inpower experts assessed the site and conducted evaluations of the various energy-consuming equipment in the building for energy optimisation. 

They quickly identified the source of inefficiency: the City of Cape Town was charging a Time of Use tariff to the building’s main supply. This means that the electricity being consumed had different rates according to the time of day and time of year!

Residents and the BC were paying more for electricity being consumed during ‘peak hours’ as opposed to being billed a set fee.

Tariff Management Case Study

Our Turnkey Tariff Management Solution

Inpower experts were able to implement a turnkey solution which optimised the energy consumption rates by following a rigorous procedure to move Rochester Village to an SPU tariff. 

Energy optimisation takes many forms and using tariff managment service, Rochester Village were able to decrease its total cost of energy without having to implement measures to restrict consumption.

Energy Optimisation Results

Thanks to the ingenious solution developed and implemented by the Inpower team, the body’s corporate energy cost decreased drastically, saving them R20 000 per month.

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