The supply and management of utilities has become increasingly important, particularly for body corporates, commercial and industrial parks. Body corporates have become responsible for the management of critical utilities, in particular, the management of electricity. Along with the increase in electricity tariffs, loadshedding has put additional strain on electricity supply. InPower Management and Energy Solutions provides several solutions to manage electricity supply and increase cash flow for body corporates. 

Own your supply

For body corporates, owning your supply of electricity can have long term benefits. Mainly, increased cash flow. The process of owning your own supply can be facilitated by InPower Management. As a supplier of electricity, the City of Cape Town sells electricity, which they purchase from Eskom, to body corporates at discounted prices. In this way, the city profits from their sale of electricity.

We offer an alternative, instead of buying electricity from the City, InPower is able to bulk buy electricity from the city and sell it at a discounted rate. Body corporates are then able to offer their tenants discounted rates of electricity OR charge them rates in line with the City of Cape Town, and keep the excess for the Body Corporate. This excess, in turn, can be used for building maintenance.

Utility costs and electricity

Utility costs continue to rise, due to the increasing scarcity of our natural resources. The cost of basic services like electricity should not cause headaches. A growing interest rate, a weakened economy, and the recent addition of South Africa to the global greylist, should mean that transparency in utility costs is a given. Our energy optimisation for building management systems allows us to supply bulk electricity to sectional title schemes, business parks, and commercial buildings. Regular energy audits are performed by our team of qualified energy experts, ensuring your electric usage is optimised for cost saving.

InPower Management and Energy Solutions will manage your power and electricity consumption and look for ways to optimise your energy usage, we also evaluate key energy-saving strategies. We also engage with the City of Cape Town and assist in the process of moving you to the most suitable tariff available.

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